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Thesis FILM

3D Animation Reel


3D Rigging Reel

3D Rigging REEL

  • Jax Jones, Zoe Wees - Never Be Lonely (Official Video)
    I worked with Jabimation over the course of many weeks to create and polish the character animation on Pikachu for this Pokemon music video collab. In this piece, I did the character animation. Software: Autodesk Maya Date: October, 2023 Official video can be found here:
  • Xiidra: What saved Ken Jeong's day?
    I worked with Xiidra through Jabimation to animate on this advert. I spent a lengthy amount of time working back and forth with the animation director to animate the character according to client feedback. In this work, I did the character animation. Software: Autodesk Maya Date: August, 2022 Original Video:
  • Accomplishments - A Cologuard Advertisement
    This shot was a piece I worked with BBB Creative to create this advertisement for Cologuard. I was brought on to help polish and revise remaining animation work for the spot. In this piece, I polished character animation. Software: Autodesk Maya Date: June-July 2023 Official video can be found here:
  • No Photography Thesis
    This clips in this piece are from my thesis film from the School of Visual Arts class of 2023, called "No Photography". This piece had a production team of four, with me as one of the two animators on the project. I worked back and forth with feedback from the other animator and the director of the project to animate the characters to what flows best with the story. In this work, I did all the character animation, as well as their character rigging. Software: Blender 3.4 Date: 2022 - 2023
  • Paramount+ Super Bowl Spot | Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold
    In this piece I worked with Jabimation to create the background 3D characters for this Super Bowl spot for Paramount+. Our team handled the animations for the 3D background characters: Dora, Master Chief, and Knuckles. Software: Autodesk Maya Date: January 2024 Official video can be found here:
  • Kitchen Cutting Animation
    This piece was made for my Character Animation class in my junior year of the School of Visual Arts. Our assignment was to animate a character interacting or picking up multiple props and using them. I found a kitchen environment and used this rig of Nausicaä I found. Although a bit rough, I learned a lot about prop parent transitioning. Software: Autodesk Maya Date: April 2022
  • Hallway Run Animation
    In my Computer Animation class, I was tasked with making an animation of someone running from something. For this assignment I took a rig of Samus from Metroid and made an animation of her using her blaster to narrowly escape through a door. I enjoyed working on this piece a lot, and I think it came out well. In this piece, I made the character animation. Software: Autodesk Maya Date: 3/10/22

Lance Haug




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Hi, I’m Lance, a BFA Computer Art graduate from the School of Visual Arts. Over the years, I’ve learned to become malleable within the 3D pipeline, but it is 3D Character Rigging and 3D Character Animation that I’m genuinely passionate about. Even before attending college, my experience in animation enabled me to teach CG classes in my former middle school. During my time at SVA, I’ve worked with independent teams on professional productions like games, short films, and advertisements. In the later years, I joined the "No Photography" team, which went on to win "Best In Show" for the class of 2023. I do freelance work and bring life to many different projects, including some of my own. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching TV shows, and playing games with friends. I watch animated features primarily, often searching for inspiration when I self-produce my animations. I hope you’ll consider contacting me if you need freelance animation done.

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